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Coney Island Chris is a zany, crazy, and quirky performer who combines a variety of circus skills and quick wit to entertain audiences of all ages. His ability to interact with audience volunteers adds an interactive and engaging element to the show, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved.

As a performer, Coney Island Chris has honed his skills over many years, performing in various locations and events. From center ring at the circus to beautiful cruise ship theaters, Coney Island Chris has experience in all types of settings and is always looking for his next opportunity to entertain.

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Chris Allison was 10 years old when he took a school field trip to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus that would change his life forever. Leaving the circus wide eyed and in a sugar-induced daze, Chris decided at that very moment he would grow up and become a clown with the Greatest Show on Earth®. After graduating from the RBBB Clown College with a major in whiz bombs and a minor in wedgies, Chris spent the next eleven years touring with the circus, the final three years as the Boss Clown.  Upon leaving the show Chris toured across the United States as well as internationally including performances in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe, Mexico and beyond!  

After relocating to Orlando, FL from the Northeast, Chris quickly found a home at the Walt Disney World Boardwalk Inn Resort. He spent eight years performing with his character “Coney Island Chris” on the boards.  Combining age-old sideshow stunts, circus tricks and good old-fashioned comedy, his street style show quickly became a crowd favorite. 


Due to the global pandemic in 2020 the door to performing at Disney’s Boardwalk closed.... but soon enough a new door opened. In March of 2023 Chris took to the stages of Disney Cruise Lines luxury cruise ship, The Disney Fantasy. Cruising families are enjoying Coney Island Chris, and Coney Island Chris is LOVING performing his show for families in the Walt Disney Theatre.  


If you are saying "Hey that guy looks familiar..." maybe that's because you saw him on MTV's Road Rules and, ODDVILLE, Natalie Merchants music video for her hit song "Kind and Generous", Oprah, The Today Show, Emeril Live, Comedy Central’s Strangers with Candy, The Late Show with David Letterman and America's Got Talent where Coney Island Chris made it all the way to Hollywood!

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