1840 to 1940 was the Golden Age of Sideshow in America!  You had Dime Museums, 10 in 1’s, Sideshow’s and Single O’s traveling from the tiniest towns to the biggest cities all across the USA! Families flocked to hear the Talker’s talk and the Spieler’s spiel, letting one and all know about the Human Oddities, the Anatomical Wonders, the Curios, the Geeks, the Freaks and all the Wonders that were alive on the inside!

Unfortunately for JoJo the Dog Faced Boy, the Skeleton Dude, the Bearded Ladies, the World’s Fattest Folks like Happy Jack and Dolly Dimples and the thousands of other sideshow attractions along came radio, movies, vaudeville, television and worst of all political correctness!

Coney Island Chris has made it his mission to keep the age old traditions of the sideshow alive!  He will astound and entertain by demonstrating some of the most beloved and historical sideshow stunts ever presented including sword swallowing, placing his hand in various animal traps that will slam shut on his exposed fingers, lying on a bed of nails, driving a 10-inch spike up his nose, stomach stapling and many more…..all with his special comedic twist!